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Integrity management, professional services, acting within our capabilities, and small profits but quick turnover are always our operating principles.


CGMT F&B Equipment Sdn. Bhd. has been established since 2019. We are a one-stop catering equipment provider which include indoor and outdoor design, decoration Construction, complete equipment procurement, installation and after-sales service are tailored to provide personalized overall solutions. We have more than 10 years of experiences in manufacturing base at Foshan, Guangdong, China. We have the best market-leading technical support, complete set of equipment support and not to mention powerful financial strength.


In Malaysia, our main branch office is located in Sri Petaling - Kuala Lumpur, which has more than 1,000 square meters of equipment exhibition hall. In 2022, our team has nearly 20 employees. In December 2021, our new branch opened located Chai Leng Park, Perai, Penang. We are expand our team member with the aim of provide better service experiences for our customer.


We have three (3) products categories divided into three areas: -

1.         Ground Floor - refrigeration engineering equipment, , freezer display hall

-           Supermarket & Kitchen refrigerators (Chiller & Freezer), Cake Display cabinets, Ice machine, etc.);

2.         1st Floor - Kitchen equipment and stainless steel engineering exhibition hall

-           Chinese Cooking Stoves, Commercial Range Hoods, Kitchen Appliances/Gas Equipment, Stainless Steel Workbenches, Wash Basins, Benches; Western food - a complete set of frying and boiling equipment, as well as the supply of overall equipment such as Dishwashers);

3.         2nd Floor – Hotel/Restaurant furniture showroom

-           Solid Wood Furniture, Stainless Steel Furniture, Iron Furniture, Tabletops (Marble/Solid Wood/Tempered glass), Dining Chairs (Solid Wood, Iron Woodgrain, Stainless Steel Material), Sofa Deck, and Etc,

-           All materials can be made into soft bags. Color, styles, specifications and quantities can be customized.


Our main loyalty customers are HaiDiLao Hot Pot, Xiao Long Kan Hotpot, Harbour Hotpot (Ma Tou Feng Yun), Shang Chuan Wei Steamboat Restaurant, Beauty In The Pot, Jiang Jun Fu Hot Pot, Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu Hotpot, Restaurant Guilin (Sri Petaling branch), a series of hot pot, EZGO supermarket, FOC supermarket, OMG supermarket, E-mart supermarket, etc and have formed long-term strategic partnerships with some customers


CGMT F&B Equipment Sdn. Bhd. main focus in the future is to serve all kinds of restaurants, hotels, shopping mall and supermarkets. Besides that, we are currently setting up an experience place for the shop exhibition hall for our valued customers in order to achieve better understanding and more practical hands-on experiences.


While we are providing convenience, support and assistance to customers, they can perfectly optimize their organization without any concern of equipment and services, which resulted save their time, labor and reduce unnecessary costs. Last but not least, our main goal is to ensure the quality of products, but also to provide a better customer service to our valued customers who have always supported and trusted us.



CGMT F&B Equipment Sdn. Bhd. 众成国际成立于2019年,是一家集室内外设计、装修施工、厨房设备/酒店家具供应、安装及售后维修服务为主的一站式餐饮设备供应商。其产品生产基地位于中国广东佛山,已有10多年的制造经验,拥有市场领先的技术支撑,完整的配套供应能力和雄厚的资金实力。

马来西亚总部位于大城堡 - 吉隆坡,已拥有超过1000平方米设备展示厅,在职员工近20名。202112月,众成将生意扩展到槟城北海才能园,务必让更多消费者了解我们的品牌。目前我们的组织还在不断的扩大,旨在为我们的客户带来更好的体验服务。